Friday, November 26, 2010

Dixons Union Cemetery, Caledon

Memorial Chaple at Dixons Union Cemetery
Foundations were raise for the cemetery storage vault

Dixons Union Cemetery, formally Dixons Primitive Methodist Cemetery was est in 1875.  It is located on Kennedy Road between Mayfield Road and Schoolhouse Road on the east side.

The earliest burials where in 1849  for Hugh C. Dinsmore, aged 2 years and Henry Dinsmore aged 8 months. ( cousin) both died on February 3, 1849.

The church located at the north end of the property is the second building constructed on this site. The first was destroyed in a windstorm in 1874.  The floor of the second church was raised and the foundations were re-enforced to put in an under ground vault to store those who passed away during the winter months. 

The church is now only used for annual memorial services, the cemetery itself is still active.

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