Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bertram's (Old Zion) Cemetery, Brampton

Bertram's Cemetry

Grave of Caleb Groat Veteran of the Battle of Lundy's Lane

Smashed Headstone Unknown

Thornton Grave, Child 3 years

Bertram's Cemetery aka Old Zion Cemetery is located on the N/W corner of Wanless Dr and Hurontario St in the City of Brampton.  The name Bertram is not because any of the Bertram family are buried here or that they donated the land, it is due to the fact that at one time they owned the land that the cemetery is on.  The cemetery was est. 1831 on land that was leased by George Raniser to a group of cemetery trustees for a term of 999 years. In 1851 a Common School and Meeting house was built on the site. In 1862 a brick building replaced the log structure. This building was used by different evangelical bodies (according to the census of that time). In 1909 a new large stone structure with a basement was constructed for Section School # 10 (S.S.#10). These buildings were eventually abandoned in the early 1920's and the Bertram's purchased the land to raise Ayrshire cattle.

The last burial took place for Benjamin Booth in 1894 and Caleb Groat a veteran of the Battle Lundy's Lane was buried here in 1854. His head stone is still standing at the n/w end of the lot.

The land was then sold to the OSECO in 1965. This company is now long gone but the drive way and lot still remain.  The cemetery now belongs to the city of Brampton.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Sharon - Caleb Groat is my GGGG Grandfather. Cheers, Andrew