Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baker - Cober Cemetery, Thornhill

Cober Dunkard Meeting House

Drive Shed

Cemetery Grounds & Meeting House

Marker for Atkinson brought from
the Atkinson Family Burying Ground
by Fred Atkinson in 1965.

Old Headstones for Reaman
found in Carrville Cemetery and
removed to this location by the Reaman family

Baker-Cober aka Cober-Baker aka Brethren In Christ aka Cober Dunkard Cemetery, is located on the east side of Dufferin Street, north of Summeridge Drive in the Thornhill area of the City of Vaughan. Land for this cemetery was donated by Bishop Peter Cober and Micheal Baker, brothers-in-law who had adjoining farms. The earliest burial was in 1839 and the latest was 2010, both for the Baker family.  The cemetery is Brethren in Christ in denomination and still has the little plain meeting house and drive shed on the property.

Family names in this cemetery are very common to the old York Twp where numerous families from the Mennonite, Quaker and Dunkard denominations settled after migrating from the Pennsylvania and New York areas of America in the late 1700's  The cemetery today is managed by the Baker-Cober Cemetery Board and is still active.

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