Sunday, May 8, 2011

Appleby Cemetery, Burlington

Gates of Appleby Cemetery. Est 1861
South Post of Gate is a dedication to the Pioneers buried here

Grave of George Williams
Founder of the Doherty Men's Fraternity

Ornamental Iron Planter
Williams Plot

Appleby Cemetery is located on the west side of Appleby Line, south of Dundas Street in the City of Burlington.  The stone plaque on the north gate post states that the cemetery was established in 1861, but there are markers that bear dates in the early 1850's  The earliest burial is supposedly for Benjamin Matthewman in 1847.  Although there is a family plot for Matthewman, there in no reference to the burial of Benjamin in that year.

The land for the cemetery and church was obtained from David Alton, in 1847. A brick church was dedicated at this location which replaced the framed church next to Mount Vernon Cemetery that had served the Wesleyan Methodists of the area.  The Appleby Church was torn down in 1906. In 1905 the cemetery was managed by the Appleby Cemetery Board, in 1983 this was turned over to the City of Burlington who manage this site today.

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