Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hadwin Chapel & Pioneer Cemetery, Vaughan

The above is all that there is to mark the spot of a pioneer cemetery and the original site of  Hadwin Chapel.  This acre of land is located at the S/E corner of Cranston Park Ave and Teston Rd in Maple. According to an historic atlas of York Region c.1878 this land was the farm of John Hadwin.  The chapel existed from 1811 to 1884, the cemetery was probably in the same time period. But the map does not show a church or cemetery on this lot.  The cairn pictured above is the only marker on the land which is well maintained by the City of Vaughan.

Recently, I received and e-mail with further information on this location.  The church and cemetery continued after 1884 as the Teston Methodist Church, which would become the Teston United Church in 1925. The church continued up until 1996.

 A few years later the building was removed to allow for road expansion.  The cemetery fell in to disarray, and was ploughed over many years before and it was rumored that the head stones were removed and used in the foundations of a barn.

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