Monday, May 9, 2011

Mount Albert Methodist Pioneer Cemetery, East Gilliambury

Horticultural Society Monument c.1954

Heritage Board Dedication. c.2004

Headstone Cairn

 Thomas Rear Monument

Mount Albert Methodist Pioneer Cemetery is located on the S/E corner of Center Street and Mount Albert Road in Mount Albert, East Gilliambury.  Mount Albert was originally surveyed as a settlement in 1807.  Samuel and Rufus Birchard and their families arrived from England and were the first pioneers to the area which became known as Birchardville.  The Cemetery served the community from 1830 to 1894, a Methodist Church was located directly south of this site. Both were on land donated by George  Rear. Many of the forefathers of Mount Albert such as Thomas & George Rear and Samuel & Rufus Birchard are buried here. The cemetery belongs to the United Church of Canada and was designated a heritage site by the Town of East Gilliambury in 2004.

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