Monday, May 9, 2011

Wideman Mennonite Cemetery, Markham

Early Mennonite Graves

Early Mennonite Headstone in German

Wideman Mennonite Cemetery is located 10530 Markham Road, Hwy 48, on the west side of the road in the Town of Markham.  The Cemetery and Church are named for the Wideman Family who were the first Mennonite pioneers to Markham Twp.  Henry Wideman was the first minister of the Mennonite Church.  

In 1810 Henry was killed by a falling tree, since the Mennonite cemetery had not been established at that time he was buried in the community cemetery at Dickson's Hill.  The first meeting house was built on the property of Christopher Hoover, the property was then sold in 1826 to Abraham Lehman.  Lehman died in 1827 and was the first burial in the cemetery.  His marker is made of field stone and is located at the north end of the property. 

The property was eventually sold to the Mennonite Society in 1845 for a church and cemetery.  The modern day church on the site today is still attended by many of the descendent's of those who are buried here.  The cemetery is still active. 

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